Baytown University believes in “Education for all”

Baytown University has made efforts to assist all working adults and others as well to obtain quality education online. The university offers online degrees in a number of fields. It has given access to quality education to individuals across the globe. Thus, individuals who are unable to take out time to attend classes at traditional universities may opt to enroll at Baytown University.

Affordable education is now easily accessible. Baytown University has made it possible for people to advance in their career, by studying at their own pace. Students can plan their own schedule, as they are free to study at a time suitable for them. The course material and lectures are accessible online 24/7.

Though the online degree programs, offered at Baytown University, are highly affordable, but the quality of education provided is also highly exceptional. The standard of programs is similar to the conventional degree programs.

Baytown University believes that the affordability factor, releases the stress of most of the individuals. Students are able to acquire education and learn and develop with the best of their efforts.

Presidential Scholarship at Baytown University

Baytown University is grounded to help its students in earning their degree at ease. Therefore, the university provides financial aid through Presidential Scholarship program. This scholarship is offered on a need cum basis. Keeping in view the financial needs of students, BU has especially designed Presidential Scholarship program accordingly. This scholarship program has proved to be effective, as it has been successful in catering to the financial needs of its students. Professionals, job seekers, veterans, military officials and homeschooled students are eligible for Presidential Scholarship program.

Fee Payment Options

Baytown University offers two fee payment options, which provides great relaxation to students in paying their tuition fee. As per your need, you can choose the best option for yourself.

  • Total Fee Payment Option

When a student opts to pay the complete amount, Baytown then offers a substantial fee waiver of 20%. This offer is separate from financial aid.

  • Fee Installment Option

Students are given relaxation in paying their total program fees. They can pay the amount in two installments, on which the students save 9% on the program fee. Baytown University offers this apart from financial aid.


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