Compete with Top Notch Animators with an Accredited Degree from Baytown University

According to a survey by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there is a growth expected in the jobs of animation industry up to 16% by the year 2016. Within the same year, graphic designing jobs will also take a rise up to 10%. Thus, individuals who possess a creative mind and willing to opt for a career in the highly competitive field of animation can opt to enroll at Baytown University (BU).

Baytown University offers accredited online programs that facilitate students, all over the world to obtain quality education, without any hassle. The university provides students the flexibility to attend lectures and access course materials 24/7. Individuals, who are willing to switch careers or begin their career in the field of animation, can earn their degree online from BU and pursue their educational goals, without sacrificing their ongoing job. A degree in Animation is one of the most appropriate paths to move on with a career in the ever-expanding entertainment industry, design services offering lucrative opportunities in the long-run.

Baytown University has designed its online animation degree to prepare you for an exciting career in this field. With a comprehensive and accredited degree, you shall expand your aptitude as an artist and acquire expertise in using ultra-modern tools, technologies, apps and design theories to create 3D material for various areas. A degree from BU will not aid you in taking your artistic skills in a new direction, but will also provide new horizons of success. With formal education and appropriate knowledge of animation, you shall be transforming and putting other’s creative vision into action.


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