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Baytown University Emphasizes on the Use of Twitter for Engaging with Students

Recent surveys conducted by Baytown University revealed that today, students at large are twitterholic, they tweet about nearly everything, which includes interesting articles, something written interesting on billboards and etc. Twitter is one of the most convenient methods of communication. Even faculty members, general public, people in libraries and in security as well have their Twitter accounts. Nearly 75% of students in Europe use Twitter the whole day, whereas only 42% of people under the age of 20 use social media for staying up-to-date.

Baytown University, during the survey discovered that using hashtags with the course name offered by universities can essentially help in sharing course information with students. This is mandatory; in order to keep students engaged.

Baytown University, therefore, suggests that today universities need to find out innovative methods to keep students engaged and connected. According to the survey, BU further came up with the fact that Twitter is one of the many essential ways of keeping in touch with students, for sharing course content and to provide relevant information. Students on the other hand, can ask questions; have conversations or debate on Twitter with fellow students and others.  Asking questions is essential for developing new skills and for gaining knowledge, irrespective of their subject area and hence, online debate is best in this regard. The new feature of hashtags creates online communities, where students, professionals, faculty members and others can have a discussion on their topic of interest. This feature certainly helps in learning and for engaging students.

Responses on Twitter are quicker to queries in contrast to discussion boards. This is because; people check social channels on a regular basis and many stay tuned to it. Students help each other easily and thus, they don’t have to wait for their respective lecturer’s response.